Ubuntu-Server + VirtualBox Notes

This is chock full of nuts notes I jotted down to get more familiar with (or ‘refresh’ on) stuff common to MSYS and GNU/Linux dev given how easily I tend to forget a code-driven mentality such as this—I’d gained the habit of maintaining journal entries like this one. Its a work in progress that I haven’t been playing with the past couple weeks, so if you’ve got a question or find any particular matter misleading or shoddy or would like something added, feel free to comment. I’d be glad if anything in here proves insightful or helpful to any of you new to the virtualization+cross-compiling band-wagon.

I basically started maintaining this when I gave up trying to compile things in Windows/MSYS/bash that just aren’t worth wasting time on any more—I used to bang my head on to teach myself GNU-like dev via my Windows-machine. I suppose the primary reason I’d gone with the headless ubuntu-server was to be forced to become intimately familiar with gnu bash via SSH. Actually (mostly), I just got fed up with ruby-on-rails limitations within the context of my windows development environment(s) and I also want to learn more Golang in the spare time that I can find to do that—With a machine like ubuntu-server (via SSH) on virtualbox. I must admit though, the first thing I did was toss my old FFmpeg/MSYS build scripts out the window and use rdp’s ffmpeg-windows-build-helpers script(s) and patches to build a non-free FFmpeg—not to mention learning from that and other scripts like Zeraone’s Mingw32-w64 build script(s). Lately I’ve been building up a development environment to translate some of the things that I’ve been working on (in csharp) over to C/CPP like the old MIDI parser and my little (code/template) generator app with the quick execution of a quick snipit like provided in my last post.

This is a COPY/PASTED Multimarkdown document—hence the erroneous markup throughout this page. The generated PDF was created using pandoc.

You can download a clean PDF version of this page here. *You might have to refresh the page if it doesn’t load the first time or check the attachment page.


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