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20170422 — [wip] arpeggio vst/vsti


a little arp MIDI/VST effect using iplug/wdl-ol.
come to think of it, its kind of crappy but a good starting point to be worked up incl sources 😉 aside from that, it fills my use case which is to plug in a 7Octave KB —and play around. aside from that, I made it to be a trigger for something like a vsti percussion like a bass kick instrument or some-such, hence the easy-access timing(s) grid thing.

  • download pre-release 32+64-bit (20170501-r2) binaries for WINDOWS >= XP (VC2013rt)
    there are just four vst dll files in the 7z archive.
  • on github

in live you can route the instrument version like in this img

20170314 — [DIY] VST-Knobs in Blender, Tiled with ImageMagick®

  • github.com/tfwio/blender-knob – made on Windows with msys2-bash and (a working version of) imagemagick
  • should work on most systems supporting blender without much intervention.

20150526 — Compile PoDoFo with VisualStudio 2013 & existing NuGet packages — Contains instructions and some scripts on how to compile podofo rather quickly and easily.
• See also: https://github.com/tfwio/msys2-pdfstuff-packages
• of 20151010, msys2 has a podofo package (per commit:258d098). but no mupdf though.

20141201 — MSys Quick-Start

20141127 — Compile woff2 with msys of old or msys2

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